Sunday, November 13, 2016

#Teach180: Days 41-50

This year I've taken the #teach180 twitter challenge.  The goal is to tweet one picture from your classroom each day.  I'm also blogging bi-weekly about those tweets/activities.

Day 41:  Today was a quiz day.  I give cumulative quizzes on every 5th day of class as part of standards based grading/teaching/learning.  This response made me particularly happy.  I learned about CPM's Giant 1 a few weeks ago.  I used it this year to teach simplifying radical expressions and students picked up the idea faster than ever!

Day 42:  Today in geometry we practiced triangle proofs again.  This will probably be never ending with  frequent revisits all semester.  Proofs are something that my students find 1) boring and 2) difficult.  Any one with solutions to those problems, I'm open to suggestions.  Here is the file for the activity.  I downloaded this from someone else, but I'd can't remember right now.  I'll try to update this info if I remember late.

Day 43:  Today in algebra 2 we practiced dividing nth roots with a matching activity.  Students struggle with when to use absolute values in their answers, so this was good reinforcement.  I just cut/pasted problems form a Kuta worksheet to create the matching cards.  Here is the activity if you'd like to use it.

Day 44:  Today in geometry we practiced triangle proofs again.  I found this scaffolded worksheet on Christy Keating's wiki.  It offers just the right amount of help to struggling students.

Day 45:  Today algebra 2 students use Paul Jorgan's +Desmos activity on translating radical functions.  It was so easy to use and students could see the transformations happening in dynamic form with the sliders.  The activity really helped solidify my students' understanding.

Day 46:  Today was another quiz day and the last day of the marking period!  It's going by so fast.

Day 47:  Today geometry students discovered the isosceles triangle theorem using Explore Learning's Gizmo.  I am lucky to have a subscription to this service this year.  I wanted it for geometry, but I've also used it at times for algebra 2 as well.

Day 48:  Today algebra 2 students played a game of Go Fish to practice adding and subtracting radicals.   The problems were ok for the game, but definitely pushed the difficulty level for what is meant to be a quick paced game.  Here is a link to the activity.

Day 49:   Today in geometry we used +Desmos to review segments in triangles. I desmofied (thats a word now right) this activity.  Here is a link to the new activity if you'd like to use or modify it.

Day 50:  Today in algebra 2 we practiced multiplying and dividing radicals with a dice activity.  This is an easy spin on a worksheet that students tend to enjoy.  I wrote more about using dice here.  It's also interesting to see how the laws of probability are broken by some groups that flip multiplication every time :)

 That's it for this time.  It's not too late to join the #teach180 challenge.  I'd love to see what is going on in your classroom too!

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