Monday, November 23, 2015

Mathematics Assessment Project

One of my favorite resources is the Mathematics Assessment Project.  These are scripted lessons, which at first was off-putting to me.  However, once I implemented a few lessons (with modifications as I saw fit), I accepted them as exemplary lessons.  

While I don't always follow the script, I do believe that the lessons have been vetted and shown to be well thought out.  I like the script as a starting point and I like having a model to work with.  I especially like the common misconceptions and the suggested questions that could be posed to students.

Here are two of the most recent lessons that I have used in my classroom.

Defining lines by points, slopes, and equations

My favorite part of many of these lessons is the collaborative section.  This lesson contains a matching activity where various information is missing from some of the pairs.  Students can more easily match the pairs with all the information given and then expand their understanding by completing the missing facts for the other matches.  Students must really understand the meaning of slope to complete the task.

Interpreting Equations

This particular lesson contains a card sort where students see multiple solutions and representations of lines. The card sort again has some matches with incomplete information for students to add in.