Monday, August 24, 2015

MTBoS Love - 3 Act Math

3 Act Math lessons are a great way to introduce a unit.  It is especially cool when you can create a real need for the math that students are about to learn either by making it possible to find a solution or by making the solution easier to find.

The basic concept is 

Act 1:  Show some sort of media image or video and let kids ask questions.  Choose a question to try to answer.  

Act 2:  Have kids tell you what other info they need to answer their question.  Research or provide that information.

Act 3:  Reveal the solution.

The whole process takes quite a while, so you can't do this every day and make it through all of your content.  However, I like to use these on the first day to introduce a new chapter.  

Here are some of my favorite 3-act collections

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