Bungee Jumping, Zip-lining, and Earthquakes: Math Applications
STEMathon, August 2016

Activity 1:  Barbie Bungee
Activity 2:  Barbie Zip-Line
Activity 3:  Earthquake Part 1
Activity 4:  Earthquake Part 2

Presentation document

Implementing Hybrid Learning
MTSD, August 2015

See this page for the PD materials

Utilizing the MTBoS: Awesome Ideas for Your Classroom
PCTM, August 2015 and STEMathon, July 2015

The MathTwitterBlogosphere is home to reflective, generous, and creative teachers who want to share their experiences and resources with educators around the world for free.  This section highlights notable tweeps and bloggers as well as the great classroom action, discussions, and tools that have been contributed to this global mathematics department.  I'll be sharing some of my favorites.

Here is the link for my presentation on Utilizing the MTBoS
Here is the student document from the presentation.

Implementing Objectives Based Grading
PCTM, Ausgust 2015 and E-Learning Revolution, July 2015

I'm going to be making a series of posts about how I implemented standards based grading in my classroom.  There are other ways to do this and I'm continuing to evolve in my own practice.

Post 1 on the philosophy of using standards based grading.
Post 2 comparing SBG with traditional grading.
Post 3 on Communicating about SBG with Stakeholders.
Post 4 on creating your objectives list.
Post 5 on setting up your gradebook
Post 6 on designing instruction and remediation
Post 7 on creating assessments and reassessment
Post 8 on tracking progress

Here is the powerpoint from my 2015 E-learning Revolution and PCTM presentations.

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