Thursday, July 2, 2015

Tracking progress

One important part of standards based grading for me is student responsibility.  I require students to track their progress.  I also track their progress in the gradebook of course, but I like my students to do this as well.

For my own tracking, I just grade the weekly quizzes and replace higher grades for lower ones.  I don't keep track of progress over time, just the best performance.  I mentioned in my last post that students individualize there quizzes on their own by choosing which questions to answer and which questions to skip.  

Here is an example of a page from a student tracking sheet.  

This past year I had students give themselves one sticker when they reached the mastery level M and a second sticker when they reached the mastery level E.  I wrote about the mastery levels here. 

One change that I am considering for next year is the possibility of using colored pencils instead of stickers and having students shade a square for each level of mastery achieved (Y, N, M, & E).  This would form a bar graph with each bar representing the individual objectives.

This will probably be my last SBG post until the new school year starts.  I'd like to include some student work example showing samples of the levels of mastery, but I did not keep those documents from this past school year.

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