Friday, July 17, 2015

MTBoS Love - Would You Rather

My Second MTBoS favorite is Would You Rather.  This is another resource that I like to use to start my 9-12 classes.  Some of the questions are quick enough to use as a warm-up while others are long enough that you could spend an entire class period researching, calculating, and arguing.  I like these activities because they are interesting to students and require a low level of math knowledge to get started.  Of course, students can get very in depth with some of their answers.  I especially like to use these at the beginning of a unit before students have the skill to answer the questions.  An example of this might be using this probability task before learning about compound probability.  In this case the students might try to solve the problem with the brute force method, creating a sample space.  Then I can share with them the short cut and they would have a better appreciation for it.  The most important thing about these tasks is that they get students talking and they often illustrate how their gut instinct may be incorrect.

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