Monday, July 20, 2015

MTBoS Love - Graphing Stories

Graphing stories are probably one of my favorite ways to start class.  The kids love it too.  I use it for all of my 9-12 students.  I don't match the graphs to the type of function we are studying, we just have at it.  Something about the videos is just very engaging for students. Here is how I use the site.

1)  Give students this handout.
2)  Play the first part of the video pausing as the y-axis is labeled so that students can write their title and labels.
3)  Play the full speed and half speed part of the video.
4)  Pause the video and ask the students to sketch the graph.
5)  Ask if anyone wants to see the video again (sometimes they do, sometimes they don't)
6)  Ask students to compare their graph with an elbow partner and discuss any differences.
7)  Take a pic and project one student's answer (I use Doceri on iPad)
8)  Ask the student to explain what is happening in their graph and how it matches the video.
9)  Ask if anyone wants to make any changes
10)  Ask questions about anything that stands out in the graph (did the person stop moving?  Did the person move smoothly or abruptly?)
11)  Play the answer part of the video and compare that graph with the class graph from step 9.
12)  Discuss what was happening at any point during the video/graph that students missed.

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