Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hybrid Learning Resources

The process of planning for a hybrid classroom is not drastically different form planning from a traditional classroom.  You will need to consider that students will be progressing through the stations in different orders so you will need to be careful not to assign something at one station that can not be done without completing another station first.  You also want to be careful about over planning for the direct station.  The direct station should be different for all three groups.  It should be based on the questions that students have when they come to you.  If you find yourself doing the exact same thing all three times, you are probably doing something wrong.  To help you get started, here are some of my favorite resources.

Direct station:
I start off by preparing a traditional lesson.  This way if students do not ask questions, I have a variety of practice problems available to get them started.  Once we do one or two problems together, even my most reluctant learners will speak up and say that they need more practice in one area over another.  This is also where I do anything else that I would have done in a traditional classroom.  I do white-boarding, review games, and give assessments.  These are some of my go to resources for formative assessment and guided/independent practice:

Independent station:  
This is where students will learn the basics and practice them too.  My primary teaching resource is edpuzzle.  You can use any video that you can find online or you can make your own.  Then you can insert questions to check for understanding throughout the video.

For practice, I use my pal Josh's program, GetMoreMath.  It is awesome because it generates an infinite number of practice opportunities and somehow knows just which skills the student needs more practice with.  I also use Manga High.  This is a gamified tutorial and practice program.

For reflection, I have been assigning weekly journal entries using Edmodo but I may switch to another LMS.  Researching my options is on my to-do list for the summer.

There are lots of other free options.  You can visit this page for more.

Collaborative station:
This station is supposed to be for projects and applications. I do this during an extra 'station' as a whole group because my students seem to need the most support for these challenging tasks.  My favorite resources are Mathalicious and Yummy Math.  You can also check out the 'Best Resources' list on the right side of my blog for tons of other amazing resources.  Instead of focusing on projects at the collaborative station, I use a lot of card sorts, games, and fun practice.  There are even more resources here or your could follow the #MTBoS on twitter.

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