Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Practice Structures - Color By Number

Another practice structure that I use about once per chapter is color-by-number.  I typically find the coloring pages on Pinterest.  Here is the board that I have been using to collect images for future activities.

I usually choose with the problems by using Kuta software or by pulling from a pre-existing worksheet.

I number the problems to match the numbers in the color-by-number picture.  Then I match the answers to the appropriate color.  Students solve each problem, locate the matching answer and color the numbers in the picture with that matching color.

Somewhat surprisingly, these activities are well liked by my students.  If too much time passes, they ask about when we will do another.  I personally like the pictures that you can not identify until after they are colored, but my students seem to prefer cartoon characters.

Here is one example that I used last year to have students practice factoring trinomials in quadratic form.

Here is one on finding the areas of regular polygons using trigonometry.


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