Sunday, May 14, 2017

#Teach180: Days 141-150

This year I've taken on the #teach180 challenge.  The challenge is to post one tweet per day showing a glimpse inside your classroom.  I'm also putting the tweets together in a biweekly blog so that I can share the resources that I'm tweeting about.

Day 141: Today we had our first weekly quiz of the fourth marking period.

Day 142:  Today in geometry, we practiced finding the volume of pyramids and cones using this ExploreLearning Gizmo.

Day 143:  Today in algebra 2 we practiced evaluating logarithms with this domino activity.  Students have to rewrite the log in exponential form and sometimes they have to condense an expression first.

Day 144:  Today in geometry we practiced finding the surface area and volume of spheres using this tic-tac-toe like activity.  Kids partnered up to see who could get 4 in a row.
Day 145:  Today in algebra 2, students practiced solving logarithmic equations using this earthquake activity.  I wrote in more detail about the activity here.  It was very cool creating to this assignment and working with someone from the USGS to create a reality based task.

Day 146:  Another weekly quiz today.

Day 147:  Today in geometry, we practiced finding central angles and their corresponding arcs as well as finding arc length by playing board games.  I wrote about this is in more detail here.  And here is a link to the game cards that we used today.

Day 148:  Today in algebra 2 we used EDpuzzle to learn about writing exponential functions.

Day 149:  Today in geometry we practiced using pairs of tangent lines of a circle from the same point.  We used this color by number assignment.

Day 150:  Today in algebra 2 we practiced using exponential growth and decay functions with this ExploreLearning activity.

That's it for this round of #teach180.  It's never too late to join in the fun!

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