Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Practice Structures - Board Games

The next practice structure that I'd like to share is having kids play board games.  This is just another alternative to a worksheet.  I take the problems from a practice worksheet and put them onto powerpoint slides, print them in landscape four to a slide, and cut the printed page into quarters with one problem per piece.

For the board games, I have purchased a few cheap childhood games from stores like 5 below or walmart.  Right now I have Candy Land, Trouble and Snakes & Ladders.  You can also find lots of free printable game boards through a quick google search.  I have printed some of these out in color and laminated them to be used multiple times.

For accountability, I usually just give the students a place to record their work.  I also try to provide an answer key so that students can check their work.

In general I have all students try the same problem at the same time.  Then they check the answer and anyone that got the problem correct takes a turn in the game.

Here are the game cards for a game on biconditionals and definitions for geometry.
Here are the game cards for a game on multiplying and dividing rational expressions for algebra.