Sunday, May 7, 2017

Dance Dance Transversal Part 2

I can't say for sure where I first stumbled across Dance Dance Transversal.  It was most certainly on twitter while catching up on #MTBoS posts.  I found many people who had implemented the lesson, but the one that was done the best was this one by JJ Martinez and Jenn Vadnais.

Last year, I used their Billie Jean and Uptown Funk videos.  My supervisor just happened to be doing a walk through as I was transitioning from one activity to the next.  When he walked in the room, the kids were cleaning up their markers and other supplies from a project that they were working on (they were creating alphabet scrap books for "The ABCs of Geometry") while I was bringing up the needed videos.  He inquired about what we were about to do for the second half of the period.  I let him know that what I was about to do would either go horribly wrong or be fantastic.  Of course with this bit of information, he had to stay.  I wrote about the implementation on that day here.

This year, wanted to step up my game.  Although I really liked the videos that JJ and Jen created, I wanted to make my own.  I made a Single Ladies version and a Hips Don't Lie version.  I love the Shakira video because I bring this activity to a higher level.  By removing the visual cue for each dance move, I require students to think more about identifying the any types.  Feel free to use either of these videos in your own class.

Next year, I think I'll add some sort of hand motions.  Maybe one move for angles that are supplementary and another for those that are congruent.

I'm also looking for extensions of this.  I know Jen also created a Tap Tap Trigonometry game where students 'drummed' to practice sine, cosine, and tangent ratios.  I need to brainstorm where else this type of movement based activity might help students with vocabulary/identification skills.  I'd love to hear your ideas.

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