Sunday, May 21, 2017

#Teach180: Days 151-160

This year I've taken on the #teach180 challenge.  The challenge is to post one tweet per day showing a glimpse inside your classroom.  I'm also putting the tweets together in a biweekly blog so that I can share the resources that I'm tweeting about.

Day 151:  Today we had another one of our weekly cumulative quizzes.

Day 152:  Today in geometry we practiced finding the measure of inscribed angles (and angles formed by a tangent and a chord) as well as their intercepted arcs.  We did this with a game of BOOM!  Here are the cards if you'd like to use them.  I got the idea from this TpT page.  The BOOM cards come from Rachel Lynette.
Day 153:  Today in algebra 2 we practiced finding missing terms in a sequence by playing this game of Go Fish!

Day 154:  Today in geometry we started to mix in some review for our final exam.  We reviewed translations with this Desmos Activity by Karina Powell.  I love how every time we play Polygraph, kids ask to do more of it in the future.

Day 155:  Today in algebra 2 we practiced determining if a sequence is arithmetic, geometric, or neither with this Desmos activity by Jonathan Schoolcraft

Day 156: Today we took our last set of benchmark tests.  Finally feeling like the last marking period.

Day 157:  Today in geometry, we reviewed rotations with Andrew Stadel's Desmos activity.

Day 158:  Today in algebra 2 we practiced converting between sigma notation and expanded form using this color by number assignment.

Day 159:  Today in geometry we reviewed the pythagorean theorem using this ExploreLearning Gizmo.

Day 160:  Today in algebra 2 we practiced finding the sum of arithmetic and geometric series by playing board games.  This was a huge hit today, especially with my third period class where kids were screaming with excitement.  A little snakes and ladders brings out the giddy child in these high schoolers :) Here is a link to the question cards if you'd like to use them.
That's it for this round of #teach180.  It's never too late to join in the fun!

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