Sunday, October 30, 2016

#Teach180: Days 21-30

This year I've taken the #teach180 challenge and am attempting to tweet one picture from my classroom every day.  So far this has helped to hold me accountable for planning lessons that have at least one picture worthy moment per day.  I find myself being more mindful about opportunities for student engagement.  I'm also putting these posts together so that I can share the resources that I have collected and created.  Hopefully you will find something useful here.

Day 21:  Today the students practiced writing biconditionals and good definitions in geometry while playing a childhood board game.  I wrote more about using board games in class here.

Day 22:  On this day, my algebra 2 students practiced distributing and factoring out greatest common factors using +Desmos.  Here is a link to the activity.  I especially like how this activity focuses on the connection between distributing and factoring out a GCF.

Day 23:  Today my geometry students practiced the congruence and equality properties of reflexive, symmetric, and transitive.  They did this by playing a game of Old Maid.  I wrote about the activity here.

Day 24:  Today was a quiz day.  I give a cumulative quiz every fifth day of class.  I use a version of standards based grading in my classes and these weekly quizzes make-up 85% of my students final grade.  Check out my page on standards based grading if you'd like to know more.

 Day 25:  Today my students asked "Could we have used difference of cubes first instead of difference of squares?"  I said "YES! Lets do it!"  Then I got stuck and had to reach out to my tweeps for help.  Within an hour, I had help.  Just another reason to love using twitter for your PLC.  I followed up with my students the next day.  It was a great chance to model what to do when you are stuck.

Day 26:   I borrowed Forrest Hills City Designer project today.  Students created a map using angle pairs such as alternate interior, same side exterior, and vertical angles.  One of their weird mistakes that I saw several times this year was students identifying a set of angles that were on different transversals as alternate interior.  That is something I'm still working on correcting.

Day 27:  Today in geometry students discovered the relationships between several sets of parallel and/or perpendicular lines using this desmos activity.  This activity was originally a worksheet from my Prentice Hall Geometry book.  I just converted it to an activity builder.

Day 28:  Today in algebra 2, students practiced factoring using the sum and difference of cubes patterns using desmos.  Here is a link to the activity.  At this point the activity is just one page with a card sort.  I'm planning on adding some additional slides leading up to the card sort and a reflection slide after the card sort.

Day 29:  Another quiz day today.

Day 30:  Today in geometry, students discovered the polygon angle sum theorem using this activity.  This is an example of how some activities are better with paper and pencil than in digital form.   At the very least, I like to use a mix of high tech and lo tech activities.

That's it for days 21-30.  It's not to late to join in the #teach180 fun!

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