Sunday, October 16, 2016

#teach180: The first 10 days

This year I responded to @mathequalslove's challenge to join #teach180.

I have to admit that I thought I'd have more trouble remembering to take a picture every day.  In reality, I almost never take a picture during class because I'm so busy teaching and working with students.  However, I remember to take screenshots of our notes or an online activity or I remember to take a picture of student work at the end of the day.

This year I'm lucky enough to have only 2 preps, CP geometry and Honors algebra 2.  I try to represent both classes equally in my #teach180 posts.

Now, finding the time to blog about this has been a whole other challenge.  I'm aiming to collect my tweets and reflect on a group of them every other week.  So here we are, finished with 41 days of school.  I'm going to try to blog about 10 days at a time.

Here are the tweets and some comments as well as links to some of the resources:

Days 1-4:  For the first 4 days of class, I spent about half the period on content and half the period on beginning of the year stuff.  I didn't want kids to space out while I went over a syllabus (for their 6th class in a row) and I also wanted them to get in the habit of doing good work right from the start.

 I blogged about Draw What I Say here and I downloaded the direct variation from @MathBerts  here.    It took a little while for students to get the hang of the domino activity because many of them never actually played dominoes with their families.  I find that this is the most common challenge that I have in incorporating games in my class.  I typically have to teach how to play the game before we can use the game to practice content.

Day 5:  Starting on day 5, my students will work in stations most days are part of my hybrid classroom.  I've done PD on hybrid and wrote about it here.  If you scroll to the very bottom of the page, you will find links on how to get started in hybrid.

Day 6:

Here is a link to Clint's activity that I used for students to practice solving systems by substitution. I like that the activity is not just practice in solving systems, but also a chance to students to interpret the meaning of their solutions.

Day 7:

I wrote about this assignment here.

Day 8:

Day 9:  Starting on day 9, my students will be taking a cumulative quiz/test on every 5th day of class.  I used a form of standards based grading.  I wrote about it here.  I should probably write a new post soon explaining some of the changes that I've made over the last year or two.  This year, I am giving students variations of the same quiz (same topics) each week for the nine weeks of the marking period.  I grade the quizzes based on a 5 point scale and then students skip questions that they have already mastered on the following weekly assessments.

Day 10:

Here is Christina Nowlin's activity on applying distance and midpoint.  The link includes 2 versions of the task as well as a worked out solution.

It's not too late to join #teach180, please join in the fun!

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