Sunday, October 23, 2016

#Teach180: Days 11-20

This year I made a goal to tweet one picture from my class each day.  I'm also trying to blog bi-weekly about what is happening in my classroom.  Here are the tweets from days 11-20.

Day 11:  On this day, algebra 2 students reviewed linear inequalities by playing a game of 3X3, which is similar to bingo.  There are 4 boards and a deck of cards.  In each group of four, students turn a card from the deck face up.  The card has a linear inequality.  Students look at their boards to see if they have the matching graph.  If they do, they mark that box.  The first student in the group to get 3 in a row wins.  Play can continue for second and third place.  I found the original assignment from @MathBerts here.  And here is a link to the the document that I edited.  I blogged about this activity last year as well.

Day 12:   Today the geometry students completed some perimeter and area problems for complex shapes.  I just took images from a worksheet and copied/pasted them into a powerpoint document to create a set of task cards.  I wrote about this assignment previously here.

 Day 13:  In algebra 2, we completed an error analysis assignment for graphing systems of linear inequalities.  I created the assignment by doing a google image search and pulled several error analysis problems from various digital textbook  samples.  I also added a place to redo the problem correctly.  Here is a link to the document.

Day 14:  Today was another quiz day.  I give cumulative quizzes in each of my classes every fifth day of class.

 Day 15:  Today in algebra 2 we learned about domain and range.  This was a challenging lesson for students.  We found domain and range from a graph and the domain from an equation.  Students were also introduced to set notation and interval notation.  This topic will be revisited throughout the year as were learn to graph all sorts of functions.

Day 16:  Today in geometry I finally got to try the My Ship Sails game that I wrote about here and that Dan Meyer recognized here.  It went just as well as I hoped it would.  I heard lots of great conversation about conditional statements, hypotheses, conclusions, and converses.  I look forward to building this activity into more lessons in the future.

Day 17:   Tonight was parent's night.  This night is a challenge each year because it is scheduled before I know all of my student's names.  I also always have to field lots of questions about standards based grading and hybrid learning.  I wrote about my plans for this evening here.

Day 18:  Today in algebra 2, we completed practice of linear regression by collecting and fitting data.  Here is a link to the assignment.   I had one group that wanted to collect data on a topic that would have no correlation.  My first thought was to not allow them to do so, but I thought it would be interesting to have them reflect on their low correlation coefficient and why the slope and y-intercept of their line of best fit turned out as it did.  It was a good choice.  We had a good conversation as a class later.

Day 19:  Today was another quiz day.

Day 20:  Today in algebra 2 we practiced adding and subtracting polynomials.  Here is a link to the activity.  I think the original activity came from Sarah Carter but I'm not totally sure.  Students use a deck of cards to randomly choose coefficients for the polynomials.  Red cards corresponded to negative coefficients while black cards corresponded to positive coefficients.  The kids enjoyed the tactile twist on the otherwise plain worksheet.

If you have any feedback on any of the activities I've shared, please leave a comment.  I'd love to know how you would modify them.  In the meantime, its never too late to join the #teach180 fun!


  1. I like that you quiz on a certain day (every 5th). Our school is block schedule and I may only see students twice, sometimes once, a week.
    Thank you for sharing your strategy.

    1. Glad to help. I started doing every 5th day when I switched to standards based grading. Since there is no "chapter 3 test" and all assessments are cumulative, it does not really matter if you test at the end of a unit. The five day pattern works well for me and my students.