Monday, August 22, 2016

Favorite Quotes

Some of these are from posters or signs that I hang in my room and some of these are things that I say to students.  I'm not sure of all of the original resources, but I've shared where I first heard them.


-Jillian Michaels

- Meg Graig

- Vince Vaughn

Things I say to students:

"So what your saying is..."   - I've been using this one for so long that I can't recall where I first heard it.  I have found that this is a good way to make students feel like they have been heard.  This is what I say when a student is angry and shouting and needs help deescalating.  I finish the statement with rephrasing what they just said.  For example, "So what your saying is that you are really angry with your friend because she was supposed to spend the day with you on Saturday, but she decided to hang out with her boyfriend instead."  I have also found that it works well with adults who are passionately arguing their opinion on some topic.

"What do you think you're going to do?" - From Love and Logic.  I use this often when a student comes to me with a problem that I know they can solve, like not having a pencil for class.  Most of the time the student answers with something like, "I guess I can ask James to borrow one." and I say that it "sounds like a good solution."

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