Saturday, August 27, 2016

3 Blogs that I Visited for the First Time

With #MTBoSBlaugust happening right now, it was very easy to find some new blogs to read.  Here is a list of the participating blogs if you are looking for new sources of inspiration too.  When I started looking, I was searching for great ideas that I could use in my classroom.  Here is what I found.

1)  Socrative 101 - Making "Digital Task Cards":  I recently wrote about how I'd like to use technology at the direct station for formative assessment more often.  One thing that has been holding me back is the difficulty that exists in writing mathematical symbols on these sites.  Rock Star Math Teacher posted directions on how to use powerpoint to make this process easier.   Here are some of the of the socrative quizzes that she has already made.  Powerpoint has an easy to use equation editor and then you just save each slide as an image.  I'm excited to try this to digitize some of my current whiteboard practice.

2)  Questions that Promote Thinking:  Julie shares an awesome resource to help with questioning to promote thinking and discussion.  I'm planning to print out this resource and keep it in my lesson plan book.  I feel like questioning is something that I have the ability to do well, but it is one of the first things that I forget about when I am short on time.  Then all of a sudden, I'm just telling rather than questioning.  Having these questions nearby will help me to be more consistent in using good questioning.

3)  My Favorite MTBoS Week 2:  Sarah shares a genius idea for quick student feedback.  This is way more affordable than #NeedARedStamp.  I can't wait to order several of these.  I'm thinking of  "Please see me for extra help before/after school." or "You can not cancel across addition in a rational expression."


  1. I am excited that I inspired ideas for your classroom. Let me know if you have any questions. :o)

    1. Thanks. I have yet to try it, I hope it is as quick and easy as it sounds :)