Thursday, August 3, 2017

Practice Structures: Color By Number Revisited

Color by number has long been one of my favorite ways for students to practice math concepts.  Even my high school kids enjoy the break from less fun forms of practice.  I wrote about using color by numbers for math practice here in this original post.

In that post I shared two practice sheets.  The first was for factoring quadratic form trinomials and the second was for finding areas of regular polygons.

Since then, I've found a page with a ton of color by number activities for grades k-5.  Coloring Squared has tons of pictures, all pixelated, so they are extra fun :)  Here are two examples from their site.

Grade 3: Multiplication and Division Problems With an Unknown
Grade 5: Multiplying Fractions

Finally, here are a few more sheets that I created.  Feel free to use them and share any that you make :)

Two Tangents From a Point
3 x 3 Systems
Multiplying Rational Expressions

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