Sunday, August 6, 2017

Practice Structures:WAR Revisited

I previously wrote about using the card game WAR as a wad to practice math skills.  Rather than using a standard deck of cards, simply make your own cards containing questions that have numerical solutions, then play as usual.  You can read the original post for more details.  In that post, I shared two versions of the game. One for exponent rules and one for evaluating logarithms.

Here are a few more versions that you can use.  Be sure to share if you create any of your own :)

Kindergarten - Numbers to 20 WAR
Grade 4 - Milligrams, Grams, Kilograms WAR
Grade 6 - One Step Equations WAR
Algebra 1 - LCM & GCF WAR
Algebra 2 - Powers of e WAR


  1. Hi. This is a great idea. I tried to open the LCM and GCF game, but it was only the directions. Would it be too much trouble to share the cards for that game? Thank you for sharing your ideas and materials.

    1. Sure thing! Here is the link to the cards