Sunday, February 26, 2017

#Teach180 Post: Days 91-100

This year I've taken on the #teach180 challenge.  The challenge is to post one tweet per day showing a glimpse inside your classroom.  I'm also putting the tweets together in a biweekly blog so that I can share the resources that I'm tweeting about.

Day 91:  My classes are all finished taking their exams, but I have 3 kids doing make-up exams today since they were out sick last week.  Tomorrow is the last day of exams and the new semester starts on Wednesday.  Looking forward to a (somewhat) fresh start.  We have year long classes, but after the break for exams it can feel new.
Day 92:  Today is our last day of midterm exams.  I'm wrapping up final grades for the semester and working on lesson plans for the first few days of third marking period.  I'm also collecting data for my SLO (student learning objective) and collecting evidence for my guided supervision goal.

Day 93:  Today is the first day of the new semester!  I love a fresh start.  I have all year long classes, so it's not technically a total fresh start, but it feels like a new beginning after the week long break for midterm exams.  In geometry we used +EDpuzzle to study special right triangles.  I use EDpuzzle often to deliver digital content at the independent station.  Students use a note-taking guide that I provide and then try a few practice problems.

Day 94:  Today we finally broke out the +OZOBOT's.  I was fortunate enough to be awarded a classroom grant from MTEF, to incorporate beginning programming into my math classes.  Today we just completed the first basic training lesson from Ozobot.  Eventually we will be doing projects in both geometry and algebra 2 using the Ozobots to graph transformations.

Day 94:  Today in geometry we practiced using special right triangles with this puzzle worksheet.  Some of my students opted out of doing the video notes the other day, so it was a pretty rough experience :(

Day 96:  Today in algebra 2, we used  ExploreLearning to practice graphing rational functions in general form.  It's so nice to have students use the sliders to quickly and easily look for how changes in the function translate to changes in the graph.

Day 97:  Today we had our first weekly quiz of the year.  I'm just happy that I'll only have 4-6 questions per student to grade :)

Day 98:  Today we had our second day of learning to use the +OZOBOT's.  The focus was on problem solving and using codes to make the ozobot find a safe path through the maze while avoiding danger zones.

Day 98:  Today in algebra 2, we practiced finding all the zeros of a polynomial function using this tarsia activity.  You'll need to download the free tarsia software first to access.

Day 99:   Today in algebra 2 we practiced finding zeros of polynomial functions with ExploreLearning's Gizmo.  Sliders are probably my favorite thing ever.  You can see countless examples with little effort.

Day 100:  Today in geometry we practiced using angles of elevation and depression with this worksheet.

That's it for this round of #teach180.  It's never too late to join in the fun!

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