Sunday, February 12, 2017

#Teach180 Post: Days 71-80

This year I've taken on the #teach180 challenge.  The challenge is to post one tweet per day showing a glimpse inside your classroom.  I'm also putting the tweets together in a biweekly blog so that I can share the resources that I'm tweeting about.

Day 71:  Today was another quiz day.  There is sooo much grading to do at once when you choose to quiz all classes on the same day each week.

Day 72:  Today in geometry, we reviewed lines in slope-intercept form using ExploreLearning's Gizmo.  This is in preparation for working with the equations of parallel and perpendicular lines while reviewing for our midterm.
Day 73:  Today in algebra 2, we played +Desmos 's Match my Parabola.  This activity is a great way to practice using intercept/factored form in particular.

Day 74:  Today in geometry we reviewed using point-slope form of a line.  We are reviewing for our midterm and are preparing to work with parallel and perpendicular lines.

Day 75:  Today in algebra 2 we practiced using inverse variation as an introduction to rational equations.  We used this color by number activity to be a little more fun than just a worksheet.

Day 76:   Today was our last day of class before winter break.  It was our usual quiz day (every fifth day of class).

Day 78:  Today in geometry we practiced using the triangle midsegment theorem with this matching activity.

Day 79:  Today in algebra 2, we  used Meg Craig's Exponent Practice worksheet.  My kids love these because they can check their work with the solution box as they go.

Day 80:  Today in geometry we practiced using similarity in right triangles with ExploreLearning's Gizmo.   This is always a very challenging lesson for students, but the ease of manipulating the triangles within the Gizmo makes it a little easier for students to visualize and grasp.

I hope you found a resource here that you could adapt to fit your classroom.  Please let me know if you try one of my activities.  It's also never too late to join #teach180!

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