Sunday, November 6, 2016

#Teach180: Days 31-40

This year I've taken the #teach180 challenge.  The challenge is to tweet at least one picture from your classroom each day of class.  I'm also putting those tweets together into blog posts every other week and adding links to resources so that others can use and modify the activities if they like.  This has been a great experience so far.  It has given me the chance to reflect on my work more frequently.

Day 31:  Today my algebra 2 students practiced factoring by grouping by solving a tarsia puzzle.  I wrote about tarsia puzzles here and here is a link to the activity.  You will need to download the tarsia software before opening the document.

Day 32:  Algebra 2 students practiced factoring trinomials in quadratic from today though a color by number activity.  I wrote about the activity here.  There is a link to the file there as well.

Day 33:   Today geometry students reviewed writing equations of lines with +Desmos Marbleslides.  They had a blast.

Day 34:  Today was an unusual day.  The school held no classes, but each class had an activity to do.  Freshmen visited local college campuses, sophomores took the ASVAB, juniors took the PSAT, and seniors participated in job shadowing.  I chaperoned a group of freshmen visiting HACC, our local community college.  Several of our upperclassmen attend HACC either full time or part time during their junior and senior years as part of the duel enrollment program.  This allows students to complete both their senior year of high school and their freshmen year of college simultaneously.

Day 35:   Today was another quiz day.  As part of standards based teaching and learning, I give cumulative quizzes every fifth day of class.

Day 36:   Today in geometry, we practiced parallel line proofs.  My students seem to struggle with proofs every year.  I am making more of an effort to spiral and constantly review proofs this year in hopes of improving my students retention of this tough topic.

Day 37:   Today in algebra 2 we used +Desmos  and Jon Orr's Solving Polynomial Inequalities activity.  I love the connections that students make between the algebraic and graphic solutions in this activity.

Day 38:   Today in geometry, students practiced key concepts about congruent figures.  I downloaded the worksheet from Elissa Miller.  Given my students yearly struggle with proofs, this is an excellent way to start by just focussing on terminology like included and opposite.

Day 39:  Today in algebra 2, we played a fall themed board game to practice simplifying radicals.  I used some imitation lego men as game pieces for added fun.  I wrote about using board games here.  For this particular game, I generated problems using Kuta Software and copied/pasted the problems into a powerpoint document to create the question cards.

Day 40:  Another quiz day today.

If you use any of these activities,  please let me know how it goes for you.  Also, it's never too late to join the #teach180 challenge!

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