Sunday, November 20, 2016

Practice Structures - Go Fish!

This past summer, I started writing a series of posts about practice structure that I use in my classroom.  These structures are meant to take the place of worksheets.  Worksheets can be a great opportunity to practice skills and build fluency, but they are deathly boring.

Here are some of my past posts on this topic:
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Today I'm writing about another practice structure that I like to use, Go Fish!

Go fish works well for problems that are relatively quickly solved.  I have kids deal the cards and solve the problems in their hands before starting.  Then they ask something like "Do you have the pyramid with a volume of 24 cubic centimeters?"  or "Do you have the solution 24 cubic centimeters."

Like many of the other children's games that I use in my class, students really like this activity.  There is a nostalgic feeling for them and they genuinely end up having fun.

Here is a go fish game for volumes of pyramids and cones. And here is a go fish game for finding the next term in a sequence.  I print one full size copy of the directions (first slide) for each group.  Then I print the remaining slides one sided, 4 to a page in landscape orientation. Then I just use a paper cutter to quickly cut each page in half twice to create the cards for each group.

If you try one of these games or make you own, I'd love to hear about it!  Enjoy.

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