Thursday, September 8, 2016

#Alg2Chat: Student Engagement

Engagement in Algebra 2 can be tough.  The scope and sequence is brutal, even for me as someone who really enjoys math.  I wrote about the objectives of my algebra 2 class here.  Seriously, if you have a great application project or activity for the following, please let me know: multiplying/dividing polynomials (long division), working with radical and complex numbers, rational functions, polynomial functions, conic sections, inverse functions, sequences and series & truth tables.  Ugh, I'm bored just typing that list of unbearable content.

So, what I attempt to do is 1) gamify as much as I can and 2) Kagan the rest.

I wrote several posts about the games that I try to incorporate:
Breakout Edu
Board Games
My Ship Sails
Color by Number
Old Maid
TIC TAC TOE and Go Fish

For more info on Kagan strategies you can start here.  Kagan strategies are methods of having students work collaboratively.  Each person has a specific role to complete and students take turns with each role.  I use these strategies often with mini-whiteboard practices.  My go to Kagan strategy is Boss/Secretary.  All you do is give pairs of students a problem to solve.  One writes on the whiteboard, but only what they are told to write by their partner.  I tell the secretary's that they can prompt their boss if they are super stuck, but for the most part, they should just be writing.  If I have an odd number of students, I have one kid be the Coach.  They walk around checking work for silly errors like sign mistakes and arithmetic errors.  The coach is a different student each time and the bosses/secretaries switch roles after every problem.

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