Saturday, July 1, 2017

Practice Structures: Row Games

Row games are great to use in class, but challenging to create.  Basically, students solve the problems from one column of a handout while their partner solves the problems in the other column.  Periodically, partners check with each other.  The answers to the questions in both columns should be the same.  This is where the magic happens.  The activity is self checking (either the answers match or they don't) and students know where to focus their efforts (on questions where answers do not match).  The conversations that you overhear during the correction part of the activity are very telling about the misconceptions that students hold.

Here are 3 row games for you to try.

Row Game Grade 1: Add and Subtract to 10
Row Game Grade 8: Exponent Rules - I did not create this one, but you can find the original source here, along with many more row games)
Row Game Algebra 2: Evaluating Logarithms without a Calculator

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