Monday, July 10, 2017

Practice Structures: Randomly Generated Questions

One was to make practice more novel is to include some randomness.  Every student ends up solving different problems even though they are all working from the same document.  You can simply create generic problems with the numerical parts missing.  Then have students randomly generate the numbers to fill in.  They could roll dice, deal cards, spin a spinner, or use an online number generator.

Jennifer Fairbanks wrote about an activity on using dice to create an activity about adding and subtracting radicals here: A radical activity - adding and subtracting

Here are some activities that you can try.  If you make your own, I'd love so see them :)

Grade 2 Place Value Practice With Dice 
Grade 5 Numerical Expressions and Word Form
Algebra 1 Adding and Subtracting Polynomials Card Activity - I did not create this one, but I can not recall where I found it.  I'll update this post once I track down the source.
Algebra 2 Adding and Subtracting Radicals Dice Activity - from Jennifer Fairbanks' article above.

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