Saturday, June 24, 2017

Practice Structures: Draw What I Say

Draw what I say is an activity where students can practice using vocabulary.  It can also be used to practice reading and writing mathematical notation.  Here are the rules for this activity:

  • Place the cards in a pile, face down, at the center of the table. 
  • One person draws a card, without showing to the other people at the table.
  • The person who drew the card should read the verbal description aloud to all the other people at the table.
  • The other people at the table should attempt to draw a diagram that matches the description that the first person just read aloud.  Each person should do this individually on a recording sheet.
  • The person who drew the card and read the card aloud should check the other people’s drawings. 
    • If the drawing matches what is on the card, write a checkmark next to the diagram.
    • If the drawing does not match, write an x next to the diagram.
  • Continue the steps above, taking turns being the reader.
  • Each person should turn in their drawings.

I have used this activity several times and students always have a good time.  Here are three version for you to try.

Grade 7 Geometry Vocab (I did not create this one; I found it here)

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