Sunday, March 19, 2017

Practice Structures: Memory

Another game that my students have really enjoyed is memory.  Memory works best for problems where students can solve mentally and quickly.  I like to use memory with 1 step equations and inequalities in pre-algebra as well as with transforming parent functions in algebra 2.  I have also used memory for practicing factoring difference of squares.

Here are the directions that I give to students explaining how to play memory.  It's a little sad, but many of them have never played this game as kids.

Here is the full game that I create for my algebra 2 students to review factoring difference of squares.  Originally, I had about twice as many cards, but my students struggled with solving the problems.  They were too bogged down with the number of cards that they did not get to enjoy the game.

Another option is to do an internet search for matching activities on your topic of study.  I'm not sure who to give credit for this assignment, but I could easily use the first two pages of this document to make a parabola transformations memory game.

Have you played memory in math class?  Do you have other ideas for how to use this activity in your class?  Please share!

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