Wednesday, January 18, 2017

#MTBoSBlogsplosion Week 3: Blog Props

@ExploreMTBoS is hosting a blogging challenge for the start of the new year.  It's not to late to join if you like.  Read more about it here.

This weeks challenge involves reading and sharing one of our favorite #MTBoS blogs.  My favorite newish blog belongs to Katrina Newell.  She posts great resources for interactive notebooks and for google interactive activities.  I found Mrs. Newell's Math Ideas and Resources for the Secondary Math Classroom via twitter.  My school is planning on going 1-1 next year with iPads, so I've been eyeing up Katrina's great google activities.   I'm hoping to use some of her activities as is next year as well as use others as inspiration to create some of my own.  Katrina even frequently offers several versions of the same assignment that are differentiated to the needs of various learners.  She's kinda amazing :)  My favorite google interactive is probably this one on geometry proofs involving segments.  This activity would take the place of a cut and paste type of activity that I might usually do.  Instead, students save their own copy of the proof, then drag and drop the steps of the proof into the correct order.  Please stop Katrina's blog and give her some props!

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